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Penland has been amazing!

I am sitting here in the empty weaving studio enjoying (and hating) the quiet.

I have been so lucky to have been the studio assistant for Susan Iverson's "Pushing Tapestry" class that focused on a pulled warp technique that is used to create shape and dimension in tapestry. The class was amazing and the people have been AMAZING. (Do you get it? Penland has been a great experience!!)

As a studio assistant I was tasked with setting up the studio before class, keeping track of materials, relaying relevant information to the class about the session, and generally helping the instructor with whatever they needed.

I was also a student in the class :)

- - -

I have done pulled warp before. Very briefly and on a small sampler at VCU in Susan Iverson's weaving class. I didn't quite see the possibilities for it then, but I believe I have some ideas to explore now.

The aspect that I find most intriguing about pulled warp is that the areas of the weaving that you spend so much time on, get altered and become something completely different. Pulled warp is generally used to create curves and 3 dimensional elements with an emphasis on the end result. I am more concerned about the areas that aren't being woven to create those shapes. Instead of using triangles and squares to create curves and flaps - I decided to use letters to create.... something else?

I was able to create a few samples and started to work my way through the alphabet (I didn't get very far...) to try and get the sense of how these letters would change once pulled. I am really interested in the way they mostly don't look like letters anymore, and if they do - they reference other letters.

This class has given me some good ideas for the future. I am looking forward to a Hidden Text series!

If you haven't followed my Penland journey, you can view my Penland highlights and posts on Instagram @cole.bun.

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