Spring 2018

New work is up!

Recollection is a documentation of my first memories, both those that are real, some that may be altered from time, and others that may not be memories; but in fact "remembered" from stories told and home videos watched.

Presented as a journal entry on the wall, most of the writing is private and left for the viewer to fill in with their own memories. Recollection was woven with different patterns that encourage a closer look and the possibility to view things differently when looked at from different angles.

Recollection was woven on a floor loom with linen and journaled cotton fabric. Each panel was then stretched over a wood frame.

I hope you go take a look at Recollection, which is found under the TEXT section of my website.

- - -

My Spring Frame Weaving class starts in less than a month!

Finished samples from my Winter Frame Weaving class

Spend 4 Saturdays with me from April 14 - May 5 from 1-4pm at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Learn two different ways to warp your frame, plus both basic and more advanced weaving techniques.

Click HERE to register!

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Until next time, get regular updates over on instagram. Follow me @cole.bun !

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