New Work, New Show, New Class

I can't believe I haven't updated since October.....


If you follow me on Instagram (cole.bun) then you know I have not really been MIA, but here's a little bit of what I've been working on:

I finished up my triptych frame weavings, Catharsis, on Sunday morning. I plan on spending the night documenting and photo editing in order to upload the photos to the website within the next week! (in progress shots pictured above and below)

If you can believe it... I am still working on What We Take With Us. The cut paper wall hanging that started as an experiment has already taken me over a year. Granted, I have been working on a lot of other pieces at the same time. It's getting there. Promise. Hopefully I'll be finishing it up and uploading it soon. *fingers crossed* (pictured below)

Lastly, I am also working on a new floor loom weaving made up of 6 panels of warp faced weave in linen. The weft is made of linen, pearl cotton, and journaled cotton fabric. I have just finished weaving the third panel. I'm still playing around with titles for this one. (pictured below)

- - -

In other news:

Who, When, Where is currently at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft for the Handweavers Guild of America's Small Expressions show. The show is up from May 26 - July 29. Opening reception is June 1st from 5-7 pm.

My next frame weaving class at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond runs from July 8 - 29. Come hang out and learn how to weave with me for 4 Saturdays from 1 - 3:30 pm! Register here!

Stay tuned for new artwork to be uploaded soon and follow me on Instagram for more regular updates!

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