It's about time

It's been awhile and this post won't be very long. Just a quick update to say that I GRADUATED! I am official now and it feels really good. I graduated about 3 weeks ago and now that Christmas is over and I've had time to think about everything, I think I am finally not overwhelmed by the fact that I don't have schoolwork to do.

I am not working on anything at this very moment because I am trying to get through a long list of things I set aside in order to focus on school. I am still thinking about new work and will hopefully be acquiring supplies soon. My main setback is I won't have a studio until we move in about 6 months.........but I can still work on frame looms in the meantime.

I also have to retake some photos that didn't turn out for some of my most recent work. Photos for "In Theory" and "In Practice" both need to be reshot and will hopefully be up soon. If you missed it though, photos for "What's Left" are up in the rock formations section of my portfolio.

Hopefully I will have more to say soon!

#graduation #studio

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