Almost There

What I'm Doing:

in theory in progress.JPG

This new piece is finally off the loom! The title is "In Theory" and fits into the anxieties section of my portfolio. I am working on the finishing for this piece and my warp faced weave right now. Hopefully I will be updating with some installation shots soon! The accompanying piece "In Practice" will be started this week.

Also on the loom:

photo 2_edited.JPG

If this looks familiar, it should. This piece is a smaller version of my "Deposits" weaving and will actually be a part of the front cover of the journal that I am making. This journal will also feature woven paper and possibly some transparent silkscreen prints.

I am working on one more piece as well! This piece is on a frame loom and has only just started, so no pictures of that one just yet, but more information soon to come :)


Where I'm going:

I think after graduation (so close!!) I will be exploring more hand-made art journals. I started making books back in high school purely because I enjoyed doing so. I had yet to figure out a way to include these books into my own art practice but now they finally make sense. I love that. The same thing happened with printmaking. I enjoyed printmaking just because, but I had no real reason to do it. Then suddenly printmaking made sense and now bookmaking does as well. It's great how that happens.

In less than a month I will finally be graduating and in about six months after that we will be moving into a bigger apartment and I will finally be able to move my studio out of the family room. I am very excited for this! I can't wait to be able to spread out in my own space and purchase my own floor loom!

I've got a lot of work to do!

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