3 pieces at once

New work is up!!! Not only has my latest piece "Deposits" been uploaded but also a piece I did before summer started that just hadn't made it up yet.... sorry. But that means two new pieces to view!

So what now?

Basically everything. I am working on so much right now, where do I start?

- - -

Currently on the loom:

photo (3)_edited_edited.JPG

Warp faced weave. :) where have you been all my llife? I am really enjoying this technique as a way to conceal and reveal some of my writings. I really like the effect of the warp faced weave that elicits a calmness to cover up some of my anxieties. Also, I am enjoying experimenting with warp faced twill, which I wasn't' even sure would work, but it does!

- - -


I will finally be adding to my prints section so I'll be able to get rid of the "coming soon" which has been there for awhile.

I really enjoy printmaking but this is my first attempt at combining printmaking and weaving. Who knew weaving paper could be so exciting? I'll be silkscreening an image of rimstone onto journaled woven paper. The prints will be finished in the next two weeks, so look forward to those soon!

- - -

Soon to be on a loom:

Another sample for my next weaving. This is one I've really got to do some thinking about. I am trying to make pattern weaving work with my rock formations series and so far? eh.

That's ok though, if I can figure out how to make it do what I want it to, it will be very exciting. And big! I don't do big often, but this one has to be life size for it to do what I want it to.

Think Arizona and slot canyons. :)

photo (4)_edited.JPG

- - -

This is a lot to work on at the same time, but it's exciting that the next update to my portfolio should be a hefty one..

Now excuse me while I go weave!

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