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What's inspiring me:

What I thought would be just a normal trip to Luray Caverns turned into a day full of new ideas. Who knew I would walk down into a cave and constantly be thinking about weaving. The way that each rock is formed reminds me of the way tree rings develop and likewise the way a weaving is made. Each formation is made of layers of mineral deposits and each layer depends on the conditions of the cave. More or less of different minerals can change the color of the rocks over time and it is the different conditions in the cave that create the unique shapes.

I was excited about all the different types of rock formations that were found in the cave, but the one that I could not get out of my head is called rimstone. This is not a picture from Luray Caverns but this is a much more intense rimstone formation from a cave in Vietnam. And those little balls? Cave pearls!... I am completely geeking out.



What I'm working on:

I just started this sample today. It doesn't look like much yet but it has a long way to go. I am hoping this will eventually be reminscent of rimstone with a possibility of including some journaling. That is still to be determined but I am very excited about the idea. I am hoping to get the sample off the loom by next Wednesday so I can assemble it and start on the real piece!

deposit sample_edited.jpg

Stay tuned!

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